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San Antonella / Umhlanga Rocks


San Antonella / Umhlanga Rocks

Blessed with miles of sunny sub-tropical coastline and beautiful beaches, the KwaZulu Natal Coast has become a mecca for those who favour a comfortable and relaxed way of life. Umhlanga Rocks, in particular, is one of the most popular coastal village destinations for both holiday-seekers and permanent residents.

San Antonella, nestled in the heart of the Umhlanga village, embraces the very essence of our sub-tropical climate and outdoor lifestyle on this beautiful stretch of coastline.

Chen Sagnelli, of Sagnelli Associate Architects, has drawn his inspiration for this project from sub-tropical Mexican architecture where the houses dazzle with vibrant colour, natural timbers and thatch.

This theme of architecture is clearly evident in the design of San Antonella where the use of shutters, timber pergolas, lattice screens, thatched gazebos, natural stonework and warm colours is characteristic of this architectural style.

The complex consists of 25 individual apartments spread over three terraced floors. It also has a luxury swimming pool surrounded by sub-tropical palms and plants in a private enclosure with braai areas and Mexican style thatch gazebos for relaxing and outdoor entertainment.

The pool and complex also feature two cascading water features to further enhance the sub tropical ambience.